New Brighton


Redeploying a council owned car-park to a develop highly affordable and sustainable cluster of homes on Christchurch’s coast is thise groups aim, inspired by the VIVA project.

Around nine homes are planned, mixing  one, two and three bedroom houses with space for several of tiny houses, all in all ranging from 19sqm to 116sqm .

Community facilities planned include a communal building, community hall, conservatory, extensive gardens and a chicken shed.

The group is looking to solar for power, with roof top gardens to provide food and tanks to harvest rainwater.

Affordability is also a priority, with homes to be accessible by people with average incomes. Private purchase is expected to be  the main ownership model, but lease and rent-to-buy options will also be considered

A first public meeting was held in in February 2014 yielding a core group of eight people committed making the project happen, with openings remaining for more participants.

Visit the New Brighton Website.

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