Courtyard Concept - Jasmax The Viva Project Website

Viva numbers over 400, passionate about building a sustainable urban community in Christchurch, including building, design and sustainability professionals, academics, local body officials, investors, and creative and committed people from a variety of backgrounds.

The Viva Project was kickstarted with an integrated design workshop held at CPIT in 2012, attended by over 130, resulting in the creation of a series of detailed models for the proposed sustainable urban village.

Since then Viva has held workshops and regular meetings to continue to engage Christchurch people with the challenge of rebuilding their city sustainably via a cohousing paradigm.

Even with the extra opportunities afforded by a city that is rebuilding, obtaining a site capable of housing such a substantial community has been a challenge.

However the group is now moving beyond community building, and is currently doing due diligence on a site, while considering other options.

Visit the Viva Website.

PICTURE: Design concept by JASMAX for Christchurch Breathe Competition