Diversity in Cohousing Aotearoa

Cohousing in Aotearoa is becoming mainstream and is way more diverse than the average kiwi realises. 18-Nov-18More
Cycle Parking

It's parking, but not as they know it. Cohaus confronts city hall

Because… parking: An exemplar Auckland cohousing project hangs in the balance while the city fumbles priorities. 23-Sep-18More

A Question of Confidence

After a flurry of new collaborative housing initiatives emerging over the last year, 2017 finds some of us with more muted expectations. 09-Apr-17More
Auckland Conversations Streams

Auckland Conversations - As Good As It Gets?

Auckland Conversations excellent urbanist discourse is failing badly when it comes to housing. 03-Jul-16More

Solving the Supply Side Problem

Developers typically privatise public land for private profit in the name of ‘partnership’. We can do better. 19-Jun-16More

Collective Urban Housing and Affordability

A generation of New Zealand lower middle-income earners is struggling for adequate housing access - how can cohousing change that? 15-Apr-16More

At Your Service

‘Reimagining’ - beyond the buzzword. How taking service design approach is benefitting cohousing - just as it does society as a whole. 24-Dec-15More

The New Wave

Kiwis are late to cohousing. But now Earthsong's inspiring example sees a new wave of diverse communities starting up. 28-Nov-15More