Ohu Launches Housing Solutions Foundation

A new Christchurch-based organisation has been formed to help break through some of the toughest barriers that collaborative / cohousing projects face. Some of us old enough may remember the name ohu attached to government supported commune projects in the 1970s.  

The recently launched Ohu Foundation involves a number of organizers with experience from groups like the Akina Foundation, through Gap Filler through to Enspiral, and more 

Ohu Foundation

brings together four pillars of knowledge to bring strength to community building.

Ohu Weavers

provides community builders support as well as develops long term strategies for social cohesion and growth.

Ohu Development

is responsible for identifying and scoping community led property developments.

Ohu Finance

is being set up to provide equitable financial structures to enable communities to co-invest in property development.

Ohu Legal

is being established to provide legal structures to enable the co-ownership of community led developments.

Projects will be their own separate legal entities and maintain their own financial and legal responsibilities. Ohu's goal is to enable communities to develop assets which will financially strengthen their organisation.


Find out more at ohu.nz