…is intentional clustered private dwellings with shared facilities and neighbourhood life.

Created and run by residents cohousing reduces isolation, and the physical design, and shared resources offer a radically lighter eco footprint. Read more….


Well-established in Europe and the US; here, the sustained success of Auckland's Earthsong has inspired a new wave of diverse projects across NZ: urban to rural, compact to spacious.

See NZ Cohousing Communities.



Diversity in Cohousing Aotearoa

Cohousing in Aotearoa is becoming mainstream and is way more diverse than the average kiwi realises.
Cycle Parking

It's parking, but not as they know it. Cohaus confronts city hall

Because… parking: An exemplar Auckland cohousing project hangs in the balance while the city fumbles priorities.

A Question of Confidence

After a flurry of new collaborative housing initiatives emerging over the last year, 2017 finds some of us with more muted expectations.


CoHoHui 12th February, Wellington – REGISTER at the conference site -
And stay tuned to for more details.

CoHousing Inclusive  – Book release & exhibition, 11th-16th February, Wellington. A ground-breaking book, with an  assocated exhibition to help advance the kaupapa across Aotearoa. The exhibition, like Cohohui is at Wellington School of Architecture.

The Next Earthsong Public Tour will be in November - starting 10am, no reservation necessary: FInd out more.


CoHoHui Announced

Victoria University, Enspiral, Parsonson Architects and Massey University will host a CoHousing hui on 12th February, in Wellington bringing together industry, government, professionals and residents.