…is intentional clustered private dwellings with shared facilities and neighbourhood life.

Created and run by residents cohousing reduces isolation, and the physical design, and shared resources offer a radically lighter eco footprint. Read more….


Well-established in Europe and the US; here, the sustained success of Auckland's Earthsong has inspired a new wave of diverse projects across NZ: urban to rural, compact to spacious.

See NZ Cohousing Communities.


Cycle Parking

It's parking, but not as they know it. Cohaus confronts city hall

Because… parking: An exemplar Auckland cohousing project hangs in the balance while the city fumbles priorities.

A Question of Confidence

After a flurry of new collaborative housing initiatives emerging over the last year, 2017 finds some of us with more muted expectations.
Auckland Conversations Streams

Auckland Conversations - As Good As It Gets?

Auckland Conversations excellent urbanist discourse is failing badly when it comes to housing.


The next Earthsong Public Tour will be November 2018 - starting 10am, no reservation necessary: FInd out more

Robin Allison's next round of Cohousing seminars kicks off in in October 2018 - follow up at


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