Welborne Farm

Masterton, Wairarapa

A group of professional mid 40s to mid 50's professionals are proactively developing a 25-home rural community that will extend into their retirement years.

A 7 acre block is already purchased on the north eastern side of the city, with open views over farm land, and an experienced property developer member is overseeing the project.

It's a short walk or bike from all services including the hospital, lake recreation area, shops and cafes.

Some members are occupying immediately, with others looking to rent until retirement. And commuting from Wellborne Farm is also an option for those still committed to Wellington-based jobs.

For those working from within the site, a highly networked coworking and meeting space is in development.

The group plans to have some livestock, gardens and an orchard.

Wellborne Farm welcomes interest from other people who value the good life, good neighbours and would appreciate a low-maintenance home with all the advantages of the countryside.