Kotare Village

Hawkes Bay

Kotare Village is a self-reliant, permaculture-focussed, eco-village on rural site in rural Northern Hawke's Bay.

Building on the current nucleus the Village it so eventually accomodate 30 families, along with the Koanga Institute's Centre for Regenerative Living. The community is  looking to expand membership for people who want to support the shared goal a regenerative, permaculture focused future through "independent village living, local economies and co-evolution".

Kotare’s shared cultural life includes meals, facilitated meetings, gardening, cooperative business, conflict resolution, song, parties, theater, child care, building projects, and community work days.

A unique leasehold arrangement allows residents to lease land for for 34 years, renewable. Members are responsible for own dwellings, to be based on a community driven generic design.

The community is developing a range of shared services: childcare, a workshop, organic food storage and processing, vehicle fleet for hire, building equipment, telecoms, power generation etc.

Looking more outward, Kotare will make use of in-house permaculture skills, resources and marketing to create co-operative business opportunities for members.

The community has a systematized induction process for those interested in joining, and  options include donor, settler or investor.

Visit The Kotare Website.