High Street

Otepoti, Dunedin

Highstreeters are working to create a community where with not only energy-efficient buildings designed, but also with the services, infrastructure and design features to make environmentally positive choices easy.

A key sustainability metric will be achieving passivhaus standards, for energy efficiency and internal comfort.

Social connection is of course baked in: Formerly a primary school the site includes a 1980’s school building to be repurposed as a common house.

The community feels lucky to have obtained one of large vacant flat sites in the hill suburbs of Dunedin, reducing design complexity and building costs.

The well-connected the site is only a stone’s throw from a park and shopping centre. Dunedin central is within easy walking or via a bus stop at the site’s edge.

Nestled within the city’s green belt there is plenty of bush for kids to explore three different playing fields within a 5 min walk.

This is to be a committedly urban development in harmony with it’s lush green surrounds.

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