Delhi Village


Started as an idea among six socially connected households, the community has steadily been turning their aspiration into reality – house by house, on the rural fringe of the provincial town of Whanganui.

The community now has its complement of nine households involved in development, with three residential so far.

Members see their community as an opportunity to live in a village atmosphere, socially connected on shared land, while maintaining independence in their own homes.

The group purchased 12.8 hectares of rural land, subdivided, and developed a grey-water system.

Most of the residential sites are clustered, with remaining land available for orchards, gardens, growing firewood and grazing sheep and chickens, and the steepest part being re-clad in native forest.

Delhi Village has been looking to embrace a variety of ages and cultures.  The community includes a lawyer, a photographer, a baker, a reporter, a teacher, a behaviour specialist, two nurses, an astronomer, an artist / teacher, a landscaper/carpenter, and a mediator.