…is intentional clustered private dwellings with shared facilities and neighbourhood life.

Created and run by residents cohousing reduces isolation, and the physical design, and shared resources offer a radically lighter eco footprint. Read more….


Well-established in Europe and the US; here, the sustained success of Auckland's Earthsong has inspired a new wave of diverse projects across NZ: urban to rural, compact to spacious.

See NZ Cohousing Communities.


Auckland Conversations Streams

Auckland Conversations - As Good As It Gets?

Auckland Conversations excellent urbanist discourse is failing badly when it comes to housing.

Solving the Supply Side Problem

Developers typically privatise public land for private profit in the name of ‘partnership’. We can do better.

Collective Urban Housing and Affordability

A generation of New Zealand lower middle-income earners is struggling for adequate housing access - how can cohousing change that?


Robin Allison From Wow to How Seminars:

Three Tuesday evenings in March-April at Earthsong.[PDF]


A Generic Legal & Accounting Framework

An initiative to to develop generic cohousing Accounting, Legal and Taxation advice for the New Zealand legal environment is under way.

Ohu Launches Housing Solutions Foundation

A new Christchurch-based organisation has been formed to help break through some of the toughest barriers coho type projects face.

Meet Cohousing - Via Meetup

Our coho crash course picks up again in October, at Unitec.