Grey Lynn, Auckland
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As the first ‘full-coho’ urban Auckland development to progress to through site acquisition and then consent, this community project represents a serious, high profile step for cohousing in Auckland.

Cohaus plans for their Grey Lynn site to include shared gardens, laundry facilities, car parking, bike parking, storage, guest room, garden house and common room. Transport plans are heavily skewed towards the multimodal habits of existing and future members, with 50 cycle and 9 car parks.

Plans propose a three-storey building on Surrey Cres and a two-storey building behind, with 19 units, around a shared north-facing courtyard. Units range from 50 m2 one bedroom to 190m2 with five bedrooms.

With many members relying mainly on cycling, walking and public transport to get around, the location by the new cycleway and major bus routes is perfect.

Cohaus represents a cross section of people and families at different stages of their lives. With the wide range of unit sizes, shared resources mean that as families shrink or grow, they can remain part of the cohousing community over time.

The design encourages interactions with the street and neighbours. Many community members have already lived in the area for 20 years or more and greatly value the opportunity to continue to positively contribute to it.

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