Cambridge Cohousing

Cambridge, Waikato

What is Cambridge Cohousing about?

The project is in response to the unaffordability of the housing market, isolation and loneliness in our neighbourhoods, and a desire to utilise the land and environment better. Begun by a Cambridge family, the group has grown to include over 10 households. Cambridge Cohousing looks to share the suburban quarter-acre dream in a sustainable way, provide affordable housing, and create a vibrant, connected community.

What’s happening now?

The group is working together with the aim of building in or near Cambridge. They have regular fortnightly meetings to progress the project, discuss the practical challenges of the development, explore ways to cement the community, find understanding and shared values. Want to know more? Check out the group's own frequently asked questions, as a starting point.

What could it look like for me?

The group plans for a multigenerational community, with financial and social advantages for singles, couples or families. Cohousing can be a great fit for all. Find out more about how cohousing could be right for you and your whānau.

How can I get involved?

Now is a great time to join. You’ll have the opportunity to help shape the community you want to live in and contribute to the design of the buildings and site. If you are interested in the project and want to learn more, contact Cambridge Cohousing.