Buckley Road

Southgate, Wellington
Buckley Road Community

Good housing is hard to find in Wellington. The Buckley Road group is seeking to get around this this by building a small cohousing community in the southern suburb of Southgate.

The group are six friends and family, who are working together with Spacecraft Architects to design and construct their homes. The group works collectively on the project, which is based on shared values of efficiency, sustainability, and bringing the benefits of small-scale community living into the urban environment.

The development will include four compact, self-contained household units - grouped into one main building; oriented to the sun and built for privacy. The units match the built environment of the neighbourhood. A common building for eating, celebrating, and studying in will wrap around the site’s south-west corner, designed to make the most of views to the Kaikoura ranges and the evening sunset.

There will be an open terraced garden on the eastern side, which will be a shared space for all the residents. The common facilities, including a guest bedroom and laundry, will be shared by the residents and administered by a body corporate.

The design uses clever storage and collective spaces to make sure the modest 78m2 units fits the group’s needs.